Mario dei Principi Ruspoli, born in 1867, was the second Principe di Poggio Suasa, son of Emanuele Ruspoli, first Prince of Poggio Suasa and first wife, Princess Caterina. His great-great uncle was Cardinal Bartolomeo Ruspoli. Prince Mario Ruspoli was an attache to the Italian embassy in Washington, D.C.. Mario was also a great grandfather of actor Bart Ruspoli.

In 1890, Prince Rupoli married Pauline Marie Palma de Talleyrand-Perigord, daughter of the fourth Duchi de Dino and Elizabeth Beers-Curtis, in Paris. Pauline was the granddaughter of New York realty tycoon, Joseph D. Beers who had amassed 25,000 acres in the Pinelands.

American heiress Pauline was left seven thousand acres in the Pinelands and so loved the area that she and her husband built a villa on this site. Prince Ruspoli was responsible for the brief development of Chatsworth as a resort known as the Chatsworth Club in the twentieth century.

The first son of Mario and Pauline, Constantino de Ruspoli, was born in New York in 1891 yet lived at the villa at a young age. When Prince Constantino returned for a visit to Chatsworth in 1927, the villa had been vandalized by hunters and peat moss gatherers, its silk wall hangings ruined. The villa was later destroyed by fire. An aged Prince Mario disposed of his Chatsworth land holdings in 1940, shortly after World War II had begun in Europe. His son, Prince Constantino, was killed in the war in 1942.