Welcome to the Village of Chatsworth in Woodland Township, New Jersey. Today, Chatsworth is a quaint, rural community that has become a favorite place for hikers, campers, and other people drawn to the great outdoors. Some may say we seem small, but we know we have a big history! For example, did you know that well over one hundred years ago, Chatsworth was a favorite vacation spot for the elite of the time including an Italian prince? You will learn all about our rich and interesting history as you take the tour, but first, here is a preview.

Chatsworth was defined on March 7, 1866 including 96.335 square miles of land. It was formed from parts of Pemberton, Shamong, Southampton, Washington, and Tabernacle townships. As of the 2010 census, 1,788 people live in Chatsworth. Approximately 476 households and 358 families have chosen Chatsworth as their home. Back in the day, Chatsworth was also home to clothing, shoe, and toy factories, sawmills, and farming. Today, agriculture is our main source of industry with our two major crops being blueberries and cranberries.

Years ago an Italian prince, Prince Mario Ruspoli, and his family came to stay at the White Horse Inn on occasion. Later the prince and his wife moved to Chatsworth and built a villa on the lake. Here he invited many wealthy friends from all over the world to attend parties. Chatsworth began to boom, and the Chatsworth Country Club was established and became very popular.

Originally, school was taught in a one room building. In 1915, Chatsworth Elementary School was built. It began as a two room schoolhouse and eventually had two additions that have shaped our school today. Currently 150 students, ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade, get their education at our school.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chatsworth’s rich and cultured history. Chatsworth was also home to a general store, and the railroad had a stop right here! So, have your online tour ready and take a walk through time to learn all about our small town!

Collaboratively Written By: Chatsworth Elementary School’s Graduating Class of 2014

Special Thanks to Mrs.Virginia Shepard for her historical research