The Woodlawn Cemetery, located in Chatsworth, New Jersey, was originally deeded to local prominent residents on June 15, 1888. To our knowledge, it was never recognized by any type signage and was known to local residents as the Chatsworth Cemetery. Many residents were unaware of the historical significance of this burial ground.

The Woodland Township Historical Society initiated a cemetery beautification project which was completed in 2012. Our mission was to clean up the cemetery, document information of those individuals who are interred there, and construct a suitable entrance way, indicating its proper name. The primary source of funding was individual donations, many of which were made to the historical society in memory of long-time and/or former residents whose families recognized their ancestors’ contribution to Woodland Township and its history.

Phase I of our project included proper name recognition for the cemetery. A wrought iron archway was installed in 2010. The handcrafted Archway included the name of the cemetery, designed with a pine cone motif, most fitting for our location in the beautiful Pine Barrens.

Phase 2 was completed in 2011. Installation of the archway wings on either side of the entrance driveway again incorporated the pine cone design from the main archway. This made a beautiful entrance which provides the recognition we sought for this historical treasure in our township. The archway and wings ironwork was designed and constructed by Greg Matonick of Atlas Welding.

Our final phase, completed in 2012, included a matching fence across the front of the cemetery property. Again, this fencing helps to distinguish the cemetery while recognizing its historical value in our community.

We also include a site document listing the names of the deceased veterans who are buried here from as far back as the Civil War.

May 2017 Veterans Buried inWoodlawn Cemetery.

Robert Marshall Adams

Albert Ammon, Jr.

Andrew Anderson

George Anderson

Herbert Anderson

Wilbert Anderson

Willis Anderson

Charles F. Applegate

Everett Applegate

Frank M. Applegate

John Applegate

Charles R. Bates

Kenneth Benjamin

Gary F. Bodine

Gerald H. Bridges

Peter T. Brower, 1st

Peter T. Brower, 2nd

Clifford W. Brown

Edward M. Buffington

Reverend Raymond E. Carter

Gordon F. Clark, Sr.

Harry K. Dunfee

James Robert Dunfee

Russell L. Dunfee

Michael Peter DiDio

Paul D. Emmons

Wilfred H. Entwistle

Robert Franklin

Leroy Green

Joseph Griffee

Victor Orville Hewitt

Wilbur K. Higgenbotham

Charles Kahoun

Charles A. King

Robert H. King

Theodore King, Jr.

Edward Kozlowski

Harry J. Lemmon, Jr.

John Mason

Ernest E. Messler

Jesse James Messler

Albert C. Morison

George Franklin Parks

Isaac W. Parks

Joseph M. Pinto

Albert N. Prickett

Joseph Ranelli

Daniel Recchia

Herman “Jake” Ridgway

Alison Sooy

John Elliot Stanwood

Harold Stevenson Jr

John Stevenson

William H. Stevenson, Jr.

Richard Stewart

Willliam O.Topham,Jr.

Herbert Wickward

George E. Wills, Jr.

John A. Wills

Norman E. Wills